Chicopee Concrete
CHROMIX®-It 204 Color Center
Ultrafiber 500


Standard Commercial Mixes, Municipal Mixes, MassDOT Mixes, Flowable Fill, Controlled Density Fill, Sidewalk Mixes, Curb Mixes, Grout, Pump-Mixes, High-Early Mixes, Winter Concrete


High Range Water Reducer, Mid Range Water Reducer, Fibers, Hot Water, Pozzolans 1% and 2%, Accelerator 1% and 2%, Air Entraining Agent, Corrosion Inhibitor, Crystalline Waterproofing Agent, Shrinkage Reducer

Scofield Color Match System

We can make any Chromix Color and can Color Match most major Concrete Pigment Manufacturers.

Solar Block Casting

Have a Solar Ballast Project? We can provide Concrete and a Casing Location for volume production of Concrete Ballasts.

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